William Daly
Biographical Information
Gender: Male
Status: Alive
Occupation: Airplane pilot
Physical Description
Species: Human
Hair color: Strawberry Blonde
Eye color: Green
Show Information
Portrayed by: Frank Deal
Only appearance: "Pilot"

William "Bill" Daly is a character in NBC's Manifest. He is portrayed by guest star Frank Deal.


Before the disappearance of Flight 828Edit

At some point, Bill Daly became a pilot, working for Montego Air. He was the pilot of the Flight 828.

During the disappearance of Flight 828Edit

Bill Daly was one of the people that were on the plane during its disappearance.

After the dissapearance of Flight 828Edit

Bill Daly landed the plane on New York, and was among the passengers, when NSA Director Vance explained that they were missing for five and a half years.

Later, he was one of the people interrogated by Vance about the plane's disappearance. When asked where did the plane landed after he left Jamaica, to which Daly answered that the plane wasn't landed anywhere before they got to New York. He also told that the air was clear, a turbulence occured, but the instruments never detected anything